Hello again


Well I feel like I gave up on this, life kinda got pulled out from under me.

I have another new job, it’s going well so far, and is in an actual office sd on I’m with people. I think I really started to miss people


I never did get round to finishing the decorating so really the last post I’m not a pod person. I have lost weight and gained self discipline as I don’t do as many take aways these days. I may have grown up a touch too.

I still love the things I used to but seem to have accepted that as much as I want to think I’m still in my teens or early twenties the reality is that I am nearly 40. OK I’m not yet 39 but in a few months I will be, so I can’t burn the candle at both ends, my body no longer accepts 4hrs sleep is enough I now require at least 6 hrs.

Well speaking of sleep, it that time as I have work tomorrow and will have the alarm going off at 5:30 am the joy, still it’s almost the weekend and almost pay day and also almost time for my parents to come back home yey


Night night all, sweet dreams


A new year a new me? Or am i turning into a pod person? How would I know


Well happy new year to you.

I say every year I’m going to get organised and actually do things, so far this year, I have bought new pans to make soup in, and a pan big enough to make sticky chicken, after all any recipe that starts with a 2ltr bottle of Pepsi Max means it’s gotta be in a big pan.

I have also just turned a perfectly good bottle of vodka into two jars of what will hopefully be lemoncello in about 5-6 weeks but only time will tell on that one I will let anyone know if it turns out ok. I will still drink it I will just add things and turn it into cocktails if it’s not great.

I have decided that I will finally finish the decorating, yes I started it about 2 years ago and eventually it will be finished. To finish it, I will have to have a clear out in the sitting room, and then there is the bedroom to finish. I have a plan that if I clear the sitting room before the end of January, and manage to finish the painting by the end of February then when the lemoncello is ready I could invite the girls round for a drink or three.

I will also be clearing things in the kitchen, as I now work from home I’m a bit pressed for space as the dining table is now in the kitchen, which means on laundry days it’s a bit of a squeeze, but I will maybe look at a new fold down table as I’ve never really used the table and it will encourage me to be more tidy in the kitchen.

See this has me wondering have a become a pod person? I’m not normally so organised or a planner I fly by the seat of my pants on occasions, I remember just kinda floating along this time last year when I found I we were loosing our jobs. Time does really fly. Would I know if I was a pod person though?

My parents left for 4.5 months in Spain on Sunday, they will be back in May. Normally I feel more knowing I’m not going to see them for ages, but maybe this year I know I’m going out to join them in March for a week, ok join is not the right word, I’m stay near them in a posh hotel. So it doesn’t seem that long til I see them again, or maybe it’s that I have too much going on to realise that they have gone, or is it that this is year 7 of them doing it so it’s normal now.

Well I’m off to look at the bread I’m making and think about food as, as always time slips away, and more to the point I’m hungry.

Again happy new year all



I just ordered take out so I think I’m fine

Sunday morning


Well yes it’s sunday morning, I’ve not got up yet but I will soon. I have enjoyed just lazing this morning, I have got work later but that’s cool as its not far to go and listening to the weather outside its raining lots, pretty much like yesterday all day.

I have to say it’s getting colder here, I might have bite the bullet and get the duvet out or fish out PJ’s as I find it’s far too hot in summer and just have a sheet or a thin throw on the bed. I treated myself just after a weeks holiday in Scotland to a memory foam mattress topper, I have to say I sleep much better now. And the mattress topper was deffo a bit if a steal, I’ve looked for a while and they have been so expensive so finding one for £39 I wasn’t expecting it to be that great but figured it was worth a try. It’s wonderful no longer do I wake up with pains in my hips or lower back, next thing to get is better pillows but I’m pretty sure that I will always be on the look for them, as I find the flatten within weeks, memory foam pillows don’t work for me I get too hot. So I have about a million pillows ok I have 4 on my side of the bed, I used to have a pile same size on the other side but as its just me and I normally have satin on the bed they slide off. 3 normal and a v pillow which I love so much.

I feel the need to get up and do bacon sarnies for a sunday breakfast, so I wish you all a lazy Sunday morning and hope you all enjoy it whatever you do. My plan is to sit down and do a little writing after work when I finish at 4pm. Or that’s the plan so far

Hope you have a great day xx

Happy Halloween all


Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween.

Life has been a lil up and down lately, but I’m fine and just plodding along with stuff. I started writing but haven’t had much of a chance to do much but I will get there of all least give it a go once again who knows this time it it might stay in the genre I start it in and not end up as porn

Happy Halloween xxx

What was your first food?


Tonight I was at a friend’s house for tea, she was quite upset when I arrived, but once calm again her and baby. We ordered Chinese food, once it had arrived and we were sat down to eat with baby in highchair, we tucked into everything, baby not interested in his orange pepper strips and tangerine segments, we talked about it and offered him a small bit of prawn cracker to out great surprise he sucked on it pulled the funniest face, took it out of his mouth grinned and continued to suck\ eat it. he was then offered by his mum bits of chicken, baby sweet corn and a bit of carrot. But the big hit was prawn crackers.

So it’s made me wonder what was my first food? I do remember eating well squishing banana between my fingers and nibbling it but was that my first actual food I have no clue. I will have to enquire next time I speak to my mum

New Job


Well I have finally found 5 mins to write a new blog, the last 3 weeks I feel like I have been through not only the washer and tumble drier but also run over by a steamroller.

Actually that’s not fair it hasn’t been all bad. I had a bumpy start on calls but have learnt and hopefully improved. The cold gave up the ghost just before I started. though today I had a bit of a frog in my throat but did ok.

I have to say all the trainers and guys at my new job are great, not that any of them will read this or even know it exists. but you go.


I also feel like I have done hard labour this week, visited a friend on weds and ended up building a highchair for son, and last night after doing some light shopping (new monitor and printer and a footstool {my god its huge more an otterman than an actual footstool for under a desk which I really wanted} and some speakers so I can actually enjoy DVD’s via the laptop in bed)  I helped a friend rebuild her bed yes rebuild her bed. long story so wont go into it unless asked.

so tonight I’m off out for a birthday meal with one of my mums friends and my mum (no not my birthday) can’t wait so this is a short quick blog but since its been like a month I guess its better than nothing right?

Hope everyone is great and has had a good week, and has a great weekend.

might even manage to add something over the weekend


love and hugs to all

K x



getting excited (not what your thinking)


Ok so I start the new job on Monday, I cannot wait I have everything done and sorted in my office I have caught up with friends and family. but I still have 6 days to go.

I am still fighting a cold, I hate to say it but I think I’m loosing, despite my valiant efforts nothing seemed to shift it and any time it did, id be outside and it would rain on me and I’m back to fighting off the cold, its hanging on in my chest, which means I cough when I laugh or worse I sound like Mutley (from the wacky racers). Although I’m used to it as every cold does the same thing my friends worry about me.

still nothing much I can do about it with the weather the way it is right now, each day starts off looking nice then rains for hours, still roll on Monday when I wont care what its like outside i’ll be too busy